PIERRE FAREL, artist, painter and creator

Permanent exhibition - ESPACE PIERRE FAREL CREATIONS - AJACCIO 20000 - 1 rue de la barrière - Corsica - France


Alumnus of the Fine arts School of Avignon, Pierre Farel was born in Orange in 1957 and arrived in Corsica in 1977. He celebrates in 2013 his 25 years of painting, He has his studio in Ajaccio, as well as the Espace Farel Créations, his own gallery from 2005 where he presents his paintings, his lithographs and his creations.
Corsica is a part of its life, his maternal ancestors were Corsican.

He created 1700 paintings, 220 oil on paper, 20 lithographs, and art licensing in connection with the decoration and the fashion.

He exposed in numerous galleries since 1988 and regularly in Paris, London, Marseilles, Beirut, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Avignon, Nancy, as well as in Brussels, Berlin, Hamburg, Lausanne, Barcelona, Beijing, New York, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Miami…

His universe, because universe there is, is a waking dream, a shadow, an illusion. Pensive unknowns girls in the golden skin, of a beauty which gets the look, the bars and the nightclubs where fashion mixes with music. Everything evokes universal meeting and sensualism.

Pierre approached several themes on the exhibitions of these last years: the woman, the man, the music and the night world, fashion, the 70s, rock, cinema, travels and Corsica.

In permanent exhibition in Ajaccio in the Espace Pierre Farel creations, in Paris Galerie de Médicis18 places Vosges, in Grignan in the Manoir de la Roseraie, in Beirut, and in London.

Television reports: France 3, France Télévision, TV Lebanon and Future TV, on the Public Senate channel.
The TV Corsica channel Via Stella shot a report of 26 minutes " Made in Corsica Pierre Farel ", on its work, its life, spread in October, 2012.
Numerous magazines and newspapers dedicated him articles.


Interview 2015


Interview May 2013


Interview October 2012


Magazine "Select" Winter 2012


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Interview 2009


Interview 2009


Interview 2009


Interview 2009


Espace Farel Créations
1 rue de la Barrière
20000 Ajaccio

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Photographs of paintings by Erick Larrieu
Photograph of Pierre : Félicia Sisco - Pierre's hand : Sylvie Ghislain Léandri
Graphic design by Christophe Gimenez